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Bange 2215-9 Backpack

Anti-Theft Bange Laptop Backpack

A large capacity backpack with loads of awesome features. Multiple pockets provide storage for virtually any item that you carry in your bag. With high quality materials used in its production, you are assured of the combination of fashion, durability, security and versatility.

Kaka 853

Korean-Style Kaka Crossbody/Chest Bag

The Kaka 853 sling bag is a stylish, small but very versatile daypack hat can carry your daily essential items like mobile phones and gadgets, important documents, notebooks and pens, as well as umbrellas and water bottles to name a few.

Bange 7565

Korean-Style Bange Crossbody/Chest Bag

A unisex, stylish, lightweight, waterproof crossbody bag ideal for carrying your daily essentials. Made of light yet durable material, this small but spacious bag is a great everyday travel companion. Available in Black, Grey, Blue, Red and Army Green.

Fitness Hula Hoop

New Fitness Adjustable Hula Ring/Hoop

A new way of fitness, massage, and weight reduction. This adjustable exercise hoop with 24 detachable knots provides a single hoop for all sizes. The 360-degree roller provides for an even massage around your stomach and back. It's time to burn those calories the fun and easy way!

Heavy-Duty Shoe Box

Heavy Duty Plastic Shoe Box (Transparent)

A large capacity, stackable, heavy-duty plastic shoe box that fits a variety of shoes. A good storage for sneakers, high heels, shoes, and sandals. With 14.1 inches x 10.6 inches x 7.8 inches (345mm x 270mm x 190mm), it will fit up to Size 13. It can bear up to 50 kg and uses a built-in magnetic door design with  two strong magnets that provide adhesion when the door is closed.

Silicone Food Storage Bags

Silicone Food Storage Bag

A very flexible food storage bag made of 100% food-grade, non-toxic and odorless silicone. Suitable for storing food and liquids, this bag is leakproof, dustproof, soft and easy to clean.  These bags are made of BPA-free, FDA-tested, food-grade silicone. Keep your favorites organized in your refrigerator or freezer using a silicone food storage bag. Available in 1L (Green) and 1.5L (White) capacity.

Cling Wrap Dispenser

Cling Wrap Dispenser w/ Sliding Cutter

An affordable and easy-to-use dispenser for your food wrapping needs. Refillable and reusable plastic dispenser with a built-in cutter to make life easier for you in the kitchen.  Includes one (1) 30cm*20m cling wrap roll free.

Cling Wrap 60m

Food Grade PE Cling Wrap

Your Perfect Food Storage Solution! This 30cm * 60 meter food grade cling wrap will revolutionize your food storage experience. Made from food-grade Polyethylene (PE), this cling wrap offers unbeatable quality and convenience that you can rely on.  Its superior quality, versatility, and compatibility make it the perfect choice for every kitchen.

Vanity Mirror

Foldable LED Makeup/Vanity Mirror (White)

This durable and energy-efficient foldable vanity mirror has twenty-two (22) soft and gentle LED lights with adjustable intensity.  Makes your makeup so much easier. It provides a wide-angle viewing. 2X and 3X magnifying mirrors on the left side can create an ultra-clear view of your skin, great for applying eyeliner, mascara, grooming brows, and contact lens.  Power to the mirror is supplied by a USB charging cable or 4x AAA batteries (NOT INCLUDED). No worries while you travel around. (Please note that this lighted cosmetic mirror is not rechargeable and cannot store power).

Makeup Sponge

Makeup Sponge Blender Pack (8 Pieces)

This makeup sponge blender pack includes eight (8) egg-shaped sponges perfect for various cosmetics, foundations, BB creams, powders, and concealers.  The classic rounded end of the sponge is suitable for flat and large areas of the face such as the cheeks, forehead, and chin. The precisely pointed tip is for the nose, eyes, mouth, and other small areas.  Our product is made of non-latex sponges. They are soft to the touch, with excellent elasticity, friendly and 100% non-irritating to sensitive and delicate skin. They are suitable for makeup lovers of all ages and genders.  Makeup sponges are suitable for applying powder when they are dry. When wet, these sponges will expand and can effectively remove or blend any makeup. Available in Pink, Violet, Yellow and Green.


Isopropyl & Ethyl Alcohol

Essentiallah offers quality, scented and affordable Isopropyl and Ethyl Alcohol in 70% concentration with Fresh Bamboo Scent.  No Methanol content, super safe to use and gentle and easy on the skin.  A very effective Antiseptic/Anti-Bacterial/Sanitizer.  Available in Ethyl or Isopropyl and in 1 Liter or 1 Gallon (3.7 Liters).

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